Saturday, June 23, 2012


Shortly after I forced Lorena to release me by threatening to stake myself, I decided to attempt to atone for all the killing I had done while under her power.  From that time until I became an employee of Queen Sophie-Anne in the late 1970's , I traveled all around North America, settling into various towns for periods  of times.  During my feeding trips at night, in addition to looking for blood, if I saw anyone committing a crime in addition to being my dinner, I would glamour said miscreants into turning themselves into the Law.  There were several people who owe their lives to me, as I saved them from potentially fatal attacks. I know it didn't even come close to making up for what we did, but It did feel good to use my Vampire Powers for good.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Maker And Child

I didn't want to turn Jessica, but I had no choice. It was either that, or  both of us would have probably been killed.  Since then, I have  finally forgiven myself for doing it, and she has as well. Jess has  told me several times that I have been more of a Father to her then her human Father was. All he did was beat her for any little reason, and treat her like trash.  We have grown close, and she has been a loyal Progeny even after I released her.  And I love her as if she was my own Daughter.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Father's Lament

My Son Thomas was only a little boy the last time I saw him. He died during an outbreak of Pox in 1868. Thanks to Lorena, I only made it back there after he died. I wish I could have been there. He was a bright boy with a bright future. A Father should never outlive his Son, this is one regret that I will carry with me for eternity, or till the True Death.